Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DC Trip: Part II

Disclaimer: I've had this draft sitting here for an eternity!  Since I don't feel like waiting forever to upload the rest of our pics, I'm sharing this incomplete post, and that is probably as far as I will get with this subject.  
-Mom of a sweet, busy, lovable, chubby, adorable, snugly, time consuming little cherub known as Milo.

We visited the American Museum of Natural History.  Cool stuff.

                                             And of course there is this cherub.  

We made a short stop at the Native American Museum.  We spent more time here on a different day.
  Next stop - The National Archives Museum.  It was just the two of us touring this place.  It was so cool to see things like the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.  There were no cameras allowed in this building, unfortunately; lots of old documents to preserve.  They keep the lights dim throughout the whole building.

Air and Space Museum.  There was lots to see, and too many people, so we snapped a few pics and called it a day.
I think this is the Apollo 11 escape pod.
 A new day.  We spent the evening in DC.  It was a pretty awesome date night.  We started on the lawn under the Washington Monument for a concert by the Marine Band.  The weather was perfect and the sky was beautiful.

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