Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just me

There seem to be lots of random things bumbling around in my brain, so here I am to get a few of them out.

My favorite color is blue.  Not just any blue, but the aquamarine blue of the caribbean.  Blake and I have been on two Caribbean cruises, and its true, the water is absolutely stunning!  Whenever I see that color, I am reminded of the intense beauty that God used to paint our world with.
This pic was from our first cruise looking out from the ship at Costa Maya, Mexico.
Its such a peaceful blue.  I can't help but almost feel the stress slip away with this kind of beauty before me.  No wonder I'm addicted to these cruises. :)

Next random thought;  Blake is going to China this summer!  He is spending 3 weeks doing a study abroad and then 8 additional weeks in an internship over there.  We have been married for just over 4 years and spent our first night apart ever last weekend.  It was two nights actually, and it was no fun at all.  How am I going to make it and entire summer without him???  When we first started dating almost 5 years ago, we had about 4 weeks together before he left for California to do summer sales.  I was a total mess trying to say goodbye to him then, and I even got to see him every month during the summer, and we texted many times and day, talked on the phone every day, and sent emails every day!  Apparently, the Chinese screen all emails, so I will have to be selective with the emails I send.  Also, there will be no texting when Blake is in China this summer.  That will leave the once daily skype calls that I will probably have to get up in the middle of the night for.  I think I'm going to have to go into therapy this summer.  It is such a good thing I didn't marry a military man.  I really love spending time with Blake every day.  At least I will be back in Boise with my family so I can be miserable around them, haha.

Next thought: I miss my horse.  I sold my beloved Onyx a year and half ago because I knew we would be leaving Idaho for graduate school and would not have the funds to bring Onyx with us.  I grew up absolutely hooked on horses and had a deep rooted belief that no man EVER would come between me and my horses, and if I ever had to make that decision, it would always be the horses.  And, here I (I must really love Blake.)  Onyx was pretty much my dream horse; a solid black beauty with the personality of a puppy dog.  She craved attention!  I bought her as a little spindly-legged one year old and instantly fell in love with her sweet face and bubbly personality.  I knew she would be mine for her entire life, and I would teach my children how to ride her.  I trained her on my own.  It was my dream to be a professional horse trainer, and she was an excellent student.  She was not the first horse I owned, but she was the last, and she was my baby.  She was almost 13 when I had to let her go.  I am such a blubber bum whenever I think about her and the fact that I had to say goodbye.  She is now in an excellent home with a great lady who takes her riding in the mountains.  I know she is happy.  One day, I will be able to move on.  I know I will get to own horses again in the future, but there will never be another Onyx.
And with that, I think I'm done for today.

In other news..................I still have Honey bear. :)

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