Monday, April 18, 2016

Big Changes!

Its interesting that when you decide you want what God wants for you, you eagerly anticipate the changes that come your way.  Maybe its not this way for everyone, but we are headed toward some big things that we have been hoping for, and we feel certain that we are headed down the path God would have us go.

Blake graduated from law school last summer.  During law school, he had prayerfully considered career options to seek out as an attorney.  During his last year at law school, he got the idea to think about seeking a position as a JAG for the military.  We spent a lot of time talking about this possibility.  Its funny because early on in our marriage, Blake brought up the idea of enlisting in the military.  Marines, to be exact.  I basically told him – H. No.  That sounded like a horrible idea.   Luckily, when he realized I was dead serious about my disdain for this idea, he no longer considered it.  Here we were several years later, talking about the possibility of him trying for a JAG position in the military, and I was fine with it.  In fact, the more we talked about it, the more it felt like it could be something good for our family, something that we would like and a career that Blake would love.  Last summer, Blake began the application process for a JAG spot with the Air Force.  My brother is in the Air Force and I have always felt that the Air Force has a very high reputation.  Then, Marine recruiters made an appearance at Blake’s law school, and he had some very good impressions about considering a Judge Advocate position with the marines.  We talked about this, A LOT.  I wanted to make sure Blake really wanted what he was pursuing, and that he believed it was the right thing for him and for us.  He felt confident about it.  After much prayer, we both began to feel that this was definitely the direction we were to pursue.  Its crazy how things have worked out to get us where we are now.  We are definitely blessed!  We couldn’t have come to this place without the prayers and support of our families. Long story less long, Blake was offered a Judge Advocate spot with the Marines and will be leaving for OCS (Officer Candidate School) this summer.  What an adventure we have ahead of us!  I fully anticipate that this is going to be the hardest thing either of us have ever gone through.  Milo is almost 2 and Toby is 7 months, and we will be without Blake for most of the summer.  Once he graduates from OCS, we will move out to Virginia to be with him during his 6 month training in TBS (The Basic School).  Time is flying by and its coming up so fast!  We are excited, and anxious, and trying not to freak out. (Please pray for me.)