Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wanna Hear About My Night?

This was something I wrote several months ago but forgot to post. Haha. It's worthy of being posted so here I is now. Luckily, the dog is better. :)

Ok, I'll tell you...
We got to bed a little after 10, which is really good for us. Milo went to bed around 8.  I was looking forward to 6 or 7 hours of sleep.  At about midnight, Milo is crying, so I go to get him and feed him.  His room reeks and there is diarrhea all over the floor!  Thank you Honey!  I even made sure she pooped outside before we went to bed.   Apparently she is feeling sickly   UGH!  Did not want to clean that up, so I fed Milo, stuck him in our bed, and locked Honey in the kitchen.  I got in bed, got Milo back to sleep, and not much later, I hear Honey scratching the kitchen door like a mad dog.  I go to let her out and am assaulted with the smell of her deadly diarrhea.... all over the kitchen floor!  I promptly let her outside and she ran to the yard, I assume to do more pooping.  At this point I realize my fate is sealed - I am not going to get anymore sleep for the rest of the night.  I let my sleeping husband know that he is now responsible for the sweet babe in the bed next to him for the rest of the night (this would be a first for him).  Of course he is less than thrilled.  I get to look forward to cleaning the kitchen and the floor, and staying up the rest of the night with the dog to make sure she gets outside when she needs to.  What a joy!

I spend over an hour cleaning the floors and gagging and Honey is waiting by the entry when I'm done.  I let her outside and she speeds to the yard, again.  It reeks everywhere inside.  I have candles lit all over the place.  The kitchen is still totally offensive to my nostrils, so I clean the floor again.  I spend the rest of the night crocheting nothing, and wasting time on the internet.  Honey needs outside a couple more times.  5:30 rolls around and Milo is ready to get up.  Apparently he wasn't much fun for Blake to sleep with.  I feel so bad (intensely sarcastic tone).  I do feel bad that he has to go to school so tired.  I can at least be exhausted at home, in my sweats.  So, now its 8:30 am.  It still stinks in the kitchen.  I will clean the floor, again.  I'm planning to take a nap, at some point, on the recliner so I can hear when Honey jumps off the couch and flaps her ears so I can let her outside.  I cannot clean up anymore of her crap.  I can't take it.  My stomach can't take it.  My hands can't take it because they are already dried and cracked and the cleaner does not help.

I have never wanted to no longer own an animal more than I do right now.  I'm worried because Honey's stomach has been sour for like 5 days.  She's getting old.  I have no idea what it could be.  I cannot deal with a senior high maintenance dog.  So, I would greatly appreciate prayers that Honey gets better asap and that I get a nap today, oh, and that this smell goes away!  Thank you.