Monday, November 12, 2012

Family Time!

My mom, dad, and little brother Rex came into town for the weekend.  We jam packed tons of fun and tons of food into a few days.  They got here late Thursday night.  Friday, I dropped Blake off at school, and spent the day touring some of Portland with my family.  We started at my work so I could introduce all my awesome co-workers to my fam.  We stopped at the temple for a quick visit to the lovely little visitor's center.  Then we ventured downtown to see the Chinese gardens.

 Rex trying his hand at calligraphy.

Holly berries!

Next, we stopped for lunch at Voodoo Donuts!  

 Huge, delicious donuts!

After the sugar overload, we ventured to Costco for a few things, then picked Blake up from school.  We stopped at our favorite french restaurant - La Provence - for dinner.  Everything was great until my dad ordered frog legs that looked like the legs from a frog on steroids.  My stomach started doing back flips just from the sight of the legs.  Bleh, gross.  We vegged out the rest of the night - watched Christmas movies and soaked in the hot tub.  We all slept in too late on Saturday.  After a quick breakfast, we headed to the coast - destination: Seaside!  After being sidetracked by a really cool restaurant called Camp 18, we arrived in Seaside.  There was snow on the sidewalks, but the sky was clear and beautiful!
My dad took us to the Seaside aquarium right on the coast.  The best part was feeding the seals.  They slap their bellies and splash water to get your attention so you will give them food - it was a riot.

It was soooo gorgeous on the beach!
 My awesome parents!

 Blake's hops.
 Rex's hops.

 Had to stop at the Taffy outlet!

Not very photogenic. :)

After we finished shopping, we headed for home, but first we stopped for dinner at Camp 18.  This place has some gooood food!  And it looks awesome with a giant roaring fire inside.  

Then, we got a little bored in the car on the way home....

I love my family!

Since we aren't going to be together for Thanksgiving, we gave thanks on Sunday instead.  My mom whipped up a fantastic feast that we enjoyed together before they left for home shortly after.  We sorely missed having everyone there; Dan, Becky, and Preston.  Counting down the days till we all get to be together for Christmas!

Monday, November 5, 2012


WHAAAAAT!  Its November already?  Holy smokes!  Time is flying.  We can't believe that November 6th is tomorrow, the results of which may very well determine what our futures look like; praying for the best outcome possible.  Blake can hardly believe he only has about 4 weeks of school left before finals.  Bring on the stress!  We listen to Christmas music every day to keep that stress level at a bare minimum.  I'm not gonna lie, the Christmas music really helps; so do the days when we don't get rain, like yesterday.  It was almost 70 and lovely outside.  We decided to go for a Sunday stroll around the river.  See how pretty....

Gap tooth grin :)

Love the colors of fall! 

the biggest leaf I have ever seen!

She is happiest off leash

This was the first Halloween that I haven't dressed up.  Kind of weird.  Some good friends invited us over that day for carmel apples.  My first experience with homemade carmel apples, and they were awesome!  We are looking forward to a visit this week from my parents and Rex.  It will be an early Thanksgiving for us.  Woot!  Til next time.